AETHERNAEUM unveil upcoming album details

AETHERNAEUM - Naturmystik

German nature mystic folk black metal band Aethernaeum from Berlin will release its new album, entitled “Naturmystik” on October 2nd, 2015. Like all their previous works it will be out by the German label Einheit Produktionen and it will come both in standard jewel-case CD and in Artbook CD edition. It was in 2013, when Alexander Paul Blake decided to transform his solo project by his own name into a true band called Aethernaeum. The black metallic debut “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” in 2012 (released as a solo project) was followed by “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” in 2013, which finally defined the unique style of the band. Two and a half years later, Aethernaeum will release the successor “Naturmystik” and they have yet again refined their music. You will get to hear black metal with a very epic, ambient and melodic character, enhanced by the application of cello, various keyboards, percussion, piano and choirs. Even though the band’s roots are based in black metal, their music cannot be reduced to this genre. The sophisticated compositions, sometimes longer than than 10 minutes, employ influences from genres like folk, progressive rock, post-rock or traditional heavy metal. The variety of elements made the production, which was again handled by Alexander Paul Blake at his Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin, even more elaborate. Often 100 tracks were used in a single song.

Aethernaeum aim to inspire the listener’s mental cinema. Vast landscapes full of intense beauty emerge before the mind’s eye but also the destructive forces of nature become manifest. Thereby the occupation with nature and myths serve the artists self-discovery, as Aethernaeum’s lyrics are permeated by a spiritual intellect which again and again refers to the epoch of romanticism. No matter if it is cinematic, opulent tracks like the opener “Die Stimme der Wildnis“, “Heimreise (Ein Requiem)” and “Die Waldschamanin“, the post-rock instrumental “Jenseits der Mauer des Schweigens” or the shamanic “Der Baumpercht” with its tribal elements, Aethernaeum appear diversified, with great attention to detail and profound without losing the thread. Therefore “Naturmystik” is an album comparable to a voyage of discovery, getting more intense with every listening.

1. Die Stimme der Wildnis
2. Heimreise (Ein Requiem)
3. Umarmung der Einsamkeit
4. Die Waldschamanin
5. Der Baumpercht
6. Jenseits der Mauer des Schweigens
7. Im Zyklus der Jahreszeiten
8. Aus Silberseen…
9. Erdenzauber

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  1. Interesting, their previous album was cool

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