DRAUGÛL unveil upcoming album details

DRAUGUL - Chronicles Untold

Epic pagan Viking metal band Draugûl from Malta (now located in Sweden) will release its third full-length album “Chronicles Untold” in September 2015 under the German label Pesttanz Klangschmiede! Pre-orders for the album shall be open on the 15th of August 2015! It will be out in CD format including a 12-page booklet with lyrics. All songs in “Chronicles Untold” are about old folk tales and creatures from Northern Sweden. Draugûl is the personal project of Hellcommander Vargblod, but in this album there is also a special guest, Enslig, playing the Swedish Nyckelharpa and helping with the vocals. The band has unveiled the wonderful cover artwork by Wappenschmied, as well as the album tracklist. A lyric and movie clip video of the brand new song “Vargens Förbannelse” has also been released and that you can watch it below in order to get a first taste of “Chronicles Untold“. “Vargens Förbannelse” is Swedish for “The Curse of the Wolf“, which is also basically what “Draugûl” means…

1. Vargens Förbannelse
2. Dark Waters
3. The Voice of Huldra
4. Nordens Enslighet
5. The Jötnar Chronicle
6. Herr Mannelig
7. Cry of the Vittra
8. …In Dreams
9. Vargens Förbannelse Pt. II
10. Awakening of the Forest Spirit

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