ZURIAAKE – Afterimage of Autumn

ZURIAAKE – Afterimage of Autumn

Origin: China
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Pest Productions
Year: 2008

Zuriaake is one of the first bands that come from China presenting pagan black metal. This vast country with the amazingly rich history and tradition seems to be awakening in black metal too, judging from this decent release and from some others that are soon to follow.

Bloodfire and Bloodsea were the founding members of Zuriaake back in 1998, but it was only 2005 when they released a split cd-r with Yngizarm, another pagan black metal project of Bloodfire (he is also in Midwinter, Varuna and Hellward). Finally they released their debut full-length in Pest Productions, a new Chinese label with very artistic and professional releases. Their music is burzumish melancholic black metal and they are very good at it. The sound is raw with very extreme vocals, but the synths in the background make it easier to listen. They intend to mix black metal with Chinese traditional instruments and the parts where they do it are very interesting, but also very limited. There also some acoustic ambient passages and the lyrics deal with nature and inner emotions connected to autumn… Their songs are very beautiful and they seem to be able to make much better things, especially if they get a more personal sound. I hope they will add more traditional Chinese elements in their next works.

The CD is released in a beautiful A5 digipak format. There are also some more limited editions including a mini cd-r “Winter Mirage” in A5 format again, where the Burzum influences are more dominant and a T-shirt. You can visit their myspace site for samplesand their label if you want to get the CD.


Rating:  (8/10)

Zuriaake @ Myspace

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