ITNUVETH unveil upcoming album details

ITNUVETH - Paulsilaur

Viking pagan black metallers Itnuveth from Barcelona will release their second full-length album, entitled “Paulsilaur – Under the Wolf’s Skin“ in October 2015. It will be out via Base Records with the collaboration from Brutal Artista, AM2 Prod. and Ruido Noise. After the band’s debut “The Way of the Berserker” in 2014, Lianne Krossburner had to leave Itnuveth, due to her dedication to her other band Edenkaiser. The band’s new vocalist in “Paulsilaur – Under the Wolf’s Skin“ is Funedëim, who is also in Svipdagr, Morkulv and Famishgod. Itnuveth have already unveiled the cover artwork by Jose Antonio Vives and the album tracklist.

1. Paulsilaur I – With Ruina      
2. Living Watched
3. Death is our Shadow
4. Wolf’s Skin
5. Round Trip
6. Paulsilaur II – The Wolf, the Raven and the Bear
7. The Worst of your Enemies
8. Our Broken Wills
9. People of the High Red Lands
10. Paulsilaur III – Eternal Punishment

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