DIABOŁ BORUTA reveal upcoming album details

DIABOL BORUTA - Stare Gledzby

Polish folk metallers Diaboł Boruta will release their second album, entitled “Stare Ględźby” via the German label Pure Steel Publishing on the 25th of September 2015. The quintet from Rzeszów plays folk metal with Polish lyrics, obviously affected by acts such as Ensiferum, Finntroll and Korpiklaani, without just copying their influences. Music to dance to, although traditional metal influences can’t be denied. The charismatic Polish lyrics give an exotic flair to the varied compositions, folkloristic instruments are placed useful and precise. Lovers of Eastern-European cult bands will enjoy the rough, crude vocals, which remind back to the Russian thrashers Korrozia Metalla. This album is a must have-item for every drinkable met aficionado! Diaboł Boruta have already unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist. “Stare Ględźby” contains 13 songs with a total playtime of almost 50 minutes, including a cover of Korpiklaani’s “Vodka“.

The band has to state: “To all the rock’n'roll lovers – listen to our album and have a look at the translation of the lyrics. If you like fast, folk-rock music, interesting poetry about real creatures living back in the Middle Ages but also these days – such as water nymphs, water-elves, Slavic ghosts – you won’t be disappointed! With your legs stumping, and your body prancing about like during a crazy campfire party, with your head moshing to the rhythm of the music, you won’t realize the moment you start singing with us… Check it out“.

1. …Poczatak
2. Epos
3. Perun
4. Kikimora i Zboze
5. …Trzcia w Nocy…
6. Zency i Potudnica
7. Stare Gledzby
8. Srebrne Zmije
9. Bytem Ongi Debem
10. Lesnik
11. Vodka
12. Kikimora and the Grain
13. Of the Reapers and Field Maiden


Paweł Rudobrody – vocals, bass
Mirek „Miras” Mamczur – guitars, vocals
Michał „Gilas” Wyrwa – guitars
Dawid „Dejvid” Warchoł – keyboards
Michał „Balon” Balogh – drums

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