ELFORG unveil upcoming debut details

ELFORG - Elforg

Elforg is a new folk metal band from Warsaw of Poland, founded in September 2013. They will release their debut full-length album “Elforg” on August 29, 2015 by Art of The Night Productions, both digitally and physically. They are a group of 5 young musicians who listen to different kinds of music, so their inspiration and influences are very wide and diverse. Their music is based on heavy riffs, fast drums and the smoothness of the violin, combined with growling vocals, filled with clean accents and a few elements of groove metal. Their lyrics are based on nature, traveling and of course on Polish mythology, while the songs are sung both in Polish and English. The band has unveiled the cover artwork, made by their violinist Wiktoria, while the graphics inside the booklet are made by their friend Tazuka. “Elforg” will be out in digipak edition CD and is already available for pre-order in their label’s webstore. You can listen to a couple of songs from their debut in the band’s official YouTube page.

Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Wezwanie
3. Zapomniany
4. Zima
5. Through Darkness
6. Feast
7. Journey to the North
8. On Heights
9. Duch Lasu
10. Do Ciebie Kasiuniu

Wiktoria – violin
Tomek – guitars
Wiktor – bass
Franek – drums
Mateusz – vocals

Elforg @ Facebook


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