THY WORSHIPER will release new mini LP


The cooperation between Polish/Irish tribal pagan metallers Thy Worshiper and Arachnophobia Records is flourishing. Along with the re-issue of the 1996 debut full-length album “Popiół” in vinyl edition, Thy Worshiper have also announced the release of their newest mini album entitled “Ozimina“. There will be nearly 40 minutes of music in this mini LP, with 6 tracks (including a blast from the past, “Wśród Cieni i Mgieł” re-recorded) in the band’s well known style, yet somewhat re freshened. “Ozimina” will be released on September 15th 2015 in digisleeve CD and is available for pre-order in their label’s webshop. Thy Worshiper have revealed the cover artwork, with graphic layout by the band’s vocalist, Anna Malarz, as well as the album tracklist.           

1. Brzask
2. Halny
3. Ozyny
4. Wietlica
5. Wsrod Cieni i Mgiel
6. Ozimina

Thy Worshiper official page
Thy Worshiper @ Facebook
Thy Worshiper @ Twitter
Thy Worshiper @ Bandcamp


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