IZMOROZ upcoming album details


Russian folk pagan humorous extreme metallers Изморозь (Izmoroz) from Moscow have just revealed the first details of their upcoming album, which is entitled “Язь” (Ide). It is the eighth full-length album for the band and it will be released via Triple Kick Records on October 24, 2015. The CD edition will contain a 20-page booklet and a bonus section. Изморозь have already unveiled the cover artwork and track listing for their new album. The band has also scheduled a release party on October 24 in the club “Monaclub” in Moscow, where they will premiere “Язь” with the support of Stigmatic Chorus and Ashen Light!

1. Гуманоид (Humanoid)
2. Варяг (Varyag)
3. Язь (Ide)
4. Волшебная страна (Finding Neverland)
5. Сундук мертвеца (Dead Man’s Chest)
6. Званый ужос (часть II) (Dinner Party horror(Part II))
7. Злое пальто (Evil coat)
8. Ебануться (девки прутся) (fucked )
9. Обрыган (Obrygan)
10. КвашНЯ (KvashNya) (kneadingtroughs)

Izmoroz official page
Izmoroz @ Facebook
Izmoroz @ VK


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