CAMAXTLI YOXIPPA reveal upcoming EP details


Mexican ethno folk metallers Camaxtli Yoxippa from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato will soon release their second EP entitled “Uacúcecha“. The name “Uacúcecha” in Purepecha language “Eagle Clan” designates the main ethnic group from the north that unified the various Purepecha groups. “Uacúcecha” EP will be released in a few days in the band’s official Bandcamp page and on CD edition until the end of 2015. All music and lyrics were composed by Dámaso Salazar, except Cherán Keri (Dámaso Salazar and Daniel Deanda) and Danza de la Chananscua (arrangement over traditional Purépecha song). The album was recorded on Deadhouse Studios. Camaxtli Yoxippa devote this EP to the land of Michoacan (Mexican Estate) or as its original name Michámacuan and Purépecha culture. It is a tribute to the beauty of its forests, lakes and mountains, its legends and spirits and tenacity and courage with which the Purépecha people have fought and continue to fight to defend their ancestral identity and their land.

1. Uacúcecha
2. Erendira
3. Danza de la Chananscua (Chananscua Dance)
4. Cheran Keri
5. Canción de Tierra (Earth Song)


After finishing with the “Cabracan” project, four original members of the band continue the concept of the self-called ethno folk metal, giving it a new creative twist. Camaxtli Yoxippa name is chosen to give a closer approach to the roots of the local region of the band, the semi-desert, and choosing the name of an archetypal deity of the Chichimec and Otomi culture that symbolizes the renewal, hope and fire. They began to compose new material working with Mexican folk nuances and experimental sounds creating a new sound. By August 2012 Hector (Tripi) Soto joins them on bass. By December of the same year Aldair Luna joins on flutes and ethnic instruments, achieving the wanted sound by the band. By February of 2013 the first EP of the band called “Teotleco” (Arrival of the Gods) is recorded. Uniting different influences from genres of extreme metal (thrash, black, death, doom, stoner) with instruments, rhythmic and ethnic tunes (pre-hispanic, indigenous, mestizo, folk from different cultures in the world) the band creates a sound that evokes landscapes, legends and archetypes. This united with a tendency for atmospheric experimentation will define the style of Camaxtli Yoxippa.


Dámaso Salazar – lead guitars, vocals
Noé Castro “Kníbal” – rhythm guitars
Héctor “Tripi” Soto – bass
Daniel Deanda – drums
Yes Garlic – ethnic instruments
Aldair Luna – flutes and ethnic instruments

Camaxtli Yoxippa @ Facebook
Camaxtli Yoxippa @ Bandcamp


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