BAUDA unveil upcoming album details

BAUDA - Sporelights

Bauda, the unique alternative progressive post rock metal band from Chile, teamed up with René Rutten from Dutch alternative rock band The Gathering to produce its new album “Sporelights” and the result of this wonderful collaborative effort that lasted for nearly two years, is an astonishing seven-song album that once again confirms their flexibility and talent for crafting powerful, intimate and poignant music. Revolving around the perpetual struggles of men against the enslaving nature of modern societies, this new effort displays a powerful and dynamic progressive rock, which paired with beautiful and dramatic orchestral ambiences, creates a majestic record that is so compelling it lures you deeper and deeper with each repeated listen. “Sporelights” is the third full-length album of Bauda and it will be released in a deluxe 6-panel digipak edition CD with booklet via Temple of Torturous Records from Sweden. It will be out on October 19, 2015 in Europe and on the 13th of November in USA. It is already available for pre-order in their label’s web-shop. Later this year it will be also released in deluxe gatefold vinyl. Bauda have just unveiled the cover artwork of “Sporelights”, whose design is by César Márquez and the layout by Juan Muñoz. Tracklist is also revealed, while the band has already released the official video for the track “Dawn of Ages” from the upcoming album.

1. Aurora
2. Vigil
3. Sporelights
4. War
5. Tectonic Cells
6. Asleep in Layers
7. Dawn of Ages

Bauda official page
Bauda @ Facebook
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