KAMPFAR unveil upcoming album details

KAMPFAR - Profan

Norse pagan black metallers Kampfar will release their career’s most unrelenting record, “Profan” on November 13, 2015. In the aftermath of 2014’s great success “Djevelmakt” arose “Profan” as lightning from a clear sky. The circle is complete and the third chapter states that Kampfar is more than just a band. It is a movement, a phenomenon and a powerful demonstration of demonic proportions. Black metal is still alive and where you seek shelter, there will be no comfort. Only the big. Empty. Nothing. All hope is lost, a capitulation to the dark and cold nothing. The death is at your doorstep when this powerful chaos is unleashed. “Profan” will be released via Indie Recordings in many different formats: CD jewel-case, limited digipak CD with patch, black gatefold LP and limited orange gatefold LP with black and yellow speckles. All of them, as well as exclusive T-shirt bundles are already available for pre-order in their label’s webshop! And as Dolk (vocals) states: “It only gets bleaker and colder from here. “Profan” represents no hope, a life of filth, a surrender to the laws of Death and the Scythe“.

1. Gloria Ablaze
2. Profanum
3. Icons
4. Skavank
5. Daimon
6. Pole In The Ground
7. Tornekratt

Kampfar official page
Kampfar @ Facebook
Kampfar @ Twitter


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