DARKESTRAH reveal upcoming album details


Kyrgyz epic shamanic black metallers Darkestrah from Bishkek have finished the work on their new album. It is their 6th full-length album, entitled “Turan” and it is scheduled for release later in 2015 via Osmose Productions. It is the first album of the band with the new vocalist Merkith, since their long-time singer Kriegtalith has left band in 2014, after 15 years. Darkestrah have already unveiled the beautiful cover artwork by their good friend Essam, as well as the album tracklist. Expect over 50 minutes of epic shamanic metal. Release dates of “Turan” and more info will soon follow.

1. One with the Grey Spirit          
2. Erlik-Khan
3. Conversions of the Seer
4. Gleaming Madness
5. Bird of Prey
6. The Hidden Light

Merkith – vocals
Asbath – drums, percussion
Resurgemus – keyboards
Cerritus – bass
Ragnar – guitars

Darkestrah official page
Darkestrah @ Facebook
Darkestrah @ VK


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