E-AN-NA release debut single

E-AN-NA - Jiana

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na from Sibiu, Timişoara have just released their debut single ”Jiana”. The band has also prepared a lyric video for the song, that you can watch below. E-an-na is a new folk metal band with various musical influences and they were formed in the beginning of 2015. “Jiana” is an ancestral dance from the area surrounding Sibiu, the band’s hometown. They’ve adapted it, so now it also fits the needs of the dead, not only those of the living. And as the band states “the lyrics say ”Our dead man dances”. The dead man represents each of us at a certain moment, a moment of transmigration into the realms beyond. It is in powerful moments as such when the spirit journey can be altered, so that spirit and body can join once again and enter E-an-na“. ”Jiana” was mixed & mastered by Marius Costache (who also worked with Goran Bregović, White Walls, Coma, Lake of Tears, Amenra etc.) at Studio 148. S.

Andrei ”Solomonar” Oltean – vocals, whistles & recorders, accordion, bagpipes
Ovidiu Ban – guitar
Alex Giurgeca – guitar
Dragoş Berţia – bass guitar

E-an-na @ Facebook
E-an-na @ Bandcamp


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