SECHEM unveil upcoming EP details

SECHEM - Reinassance of the Ancient Ka

Oriental folk metal band Sechem from Madrid, Spain will soon release its new EP “Reinassance of the Ancient Ka“, set in the late ancient Egypt and the expansion of Christianity throughout the Nile Valley. Sechem have just unveiled the cover artwork by Enzo Andreotti. The symbol in the cover, even thought it has some resemblance to the coptic iconography, it is actually made up. Sechem wanted to fuse the traditional symbol of life in ancient Egypt, the ankh, with something very characteristic of the paleochristian world as the “Chi Rho” (the initials of Christ), wanting to represent in a simple way the syncretism that is produced between the Egyptian culture and the Christian during this period. “Reinassance of the Ancient Ka” should be expected around December 2015 and it will be released both digitally and physically!

1. Eis Ho Theos!
2. Agora
3. Nebet I’h
4. Era of Martyrs
5. St.Thais
6. Anok Enox

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