STAGWOUNDER release debut full-length album

STAGWOUNDER - Invisible Radiance

Five piece blackened doom metal band Stagwounder from Heidelberg, Germany released its first full-length album entitled “Invisible Radiance” in June 2015. The band was formed in 2014 somewhere in midst of the lightless woods between the misty valley of the Neckar and the tree topped mountains of Odenwald. Regarding the music, classical black metal alternates with heavy doom riffs and occasional trips into the Elysian fields of post-rock. Here and there there’s a quick flirt with death metal and sometimes even a sludgy echo breaks its way through Stagwounder’s forests. “Invisible Radiance” is available via Stagwounder’s official Bandcamp page (see link below) and can be ordered directly from the band.              

Becoming, hybris, decay, fading and downfall are the themes Stagwounder deals with in its debut. The six songs draw a cycle which symbolically uses the different altitudes of the sun to describe a process from birth and beginning towards the final decay in the naught of space. It focalizes on mankind, which is doomed to failure in its urge of recklessly dominating the world. The metaphors used are various: Phaeton, the failed sundriver, the decadent and megalomaniac emperor Elagabal, mummified spacemen drifting through space in their coffins of steel … When the record finally burns out with the synth-generated noises of “FINiS TErRae“, all hopes for redemption die with it – in the end there’s just nothingness, blackness and vanity. Besides the German lyricist Stefan George “Elagabal Pt. II – Blight“, the band was heavily inspired by the Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt – more precisely his figure Möbius in “The Physicists“. His daunting vision of mankind, crossing all borders at any sacrifice to pass away in utterly final emptiness, delivered the initial spark for the plot of the record. The somber, vivid language leaves the listener enough space for his own interpretation.

1. In the Hidden Cave
2. Eos
3. Elagabal Pt. I – Blossom
4. Elagabal Pt. II – Blight
5. Among this Place of Skulls
6. FINiS TErRae

Johannes Rehorst – drones’n’rituals
Christian Schumann – guitars
Timotheus Schweizer – guitars
Marc Nestor – bass
Simeon Atanasov – drums

Stagwounder @ Facebook
Stagwounder @ Bandcamp


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