IMMORGON reveal upcoming album details

IMMORGON - And Thus We Raid

Spanish Viking death metallers Immorgon from Barcelona have unveiled the first details of their upcoming debut full-length album, entitled “And Thus We Raid“. No exact release date is set yet, but we should expect it will be out in November / December 2015, both in physical CD and digital format. The band was formed in 2012 and released the three-song EP “The Everchosen” in 2014. ”And Thus We Raid” contains 10 songs, including re-recorded versions of the 3 songs of the EP. Their lyrics are about Nordic myths and history, Central European stories, while a couple of songs deal also with Warhammer’s Lore. Immorgon try to keep an epic atmosphere while playing heavily influenced death / black metal riffs. They have just revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork, designed by Jandro Trujillo.

1. Tempest
2. Svartheme
3. The Crows Have Come
4. God of Blood
5. Death Upon Lindisfarne
6. The Everchosen
7. Waldgeist
8. Blood Letter
9. Einherjar
10. Eternal Viking

Charlie Trinkhorn – vocals, guitar
Axel Jordana – guitars, backing vocals
Steavy Marfil – drums
Joan de Ros – bass

Immorgon @ Facebook
Immorgon @ Twitter


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