IAMÍ reveal upcoming album details

IAMI - Cavernas do Inconsciente

Iamí, the personal dungeon synth / dark ambient / black metal project of Rômulo from Brazil, has just unveiled the first details of its upcoming album. It is the second full-length album of the band, entitled “Cavernas do Inconsciente”, coming after 2014′s debut album “Luz e Sombra“ and the recently released tribute 3-track EP “Inspirações“. In this new album there is not black metal at all; only dungeon synth and dark ambient, with a much better production than the debut album. Cover artwork and production all made by Rômulo himself as usual. “Cavernas do Inconsciente” will be released in November 2015 in pro-digipak CD format, limited to 100 copies and it will also include a Rômulo’s poem on it! Cover artwork and album tracklist are just revealed.

1. Parte I – As Estrelas e a Terra                           
2. Parte II – Viagem Pelo Desconhecido
3. Parte III – A Experiência Visionária
4. Parte IV – Os Seres e o Tempo
5. Parte V – União Mística

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Iamí @ Bandcamp


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