BUTTERFLY TEMPLE reveal upcoming album details


On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, pagan metallers Butterfly Temple from Moscow, one of the founders of this genre in Russia, present their new full-length album “Вечность – Eternity“! It is the 10th studio album of the band, a work that has absorbed their best elements over the years. Butterfly Temple offer 9 new compositions, with many guest musicians and a variety of instrumental surprises. The new album presentation will take place on November 27th, 2015 in Moscow club “Rock House”. It will also mark the release date of “Вечность“, since it will be the first time that you can buy the new CD and merch from the band! The album will be officially released by the Russian independent label Mazzar Records. Butterfly Temple have already unveiled the cover artwork, the tracklist and a video trailer of “Вечность“, which is a conceptual work. As the band states: “Eternity is the way, the way man goes from birth until death, and then to the spiritual and physical rebirth! And it will be forever!

1. Рождение
2. Кровь богов
3. Слова пусты
4. След вечен
5. Вечность
6. Изгой
7. Останься со мной
8. Дорога домой
9. Неизбежность

Butterfly Temple official page
Butterfly Temple @ Facebook
Butterfly Temple @ VK


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