TEMPLE OF DEMIGOD unveil debut album details

TEMPLE OF DEMIGOD - The Great Old Ones

Symphonic black death metal band Temple of Demigod from Yerevan of Armenia has just unveiled the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album “The Great Old Ones“. The band was born in September 2014, as the personal project of Mark Erskine and released the 6-track EP “Profane Doctrine” in the end of 2o14. The concept of the upcoming album is based on Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian stories and it will be out both in digital format and physical CD edition. ”The Great Old Ones” will be probably self-released in the beginning of 2016, however the band is currently looking for a label. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed. You can get a taste of their music below, by listening to the “The Awakening of a Mighty One” from the upcoming album.

1. Labyrinth
2. Mountains of Madness                      
3. The Awakening of a Mighty One
4. Azathoth: Supreme Chaos
5. The Ominous King
6. Fathomless Obscurity
7. Embodiment of Chaos
8. The Great Old Ones

Temple of Demigod @ Facebook
Temple of Demigod @ Bandcamp


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