STWORZ unveil upcoming album details

STWORZ - Zagony Bogow

Polish pagan metal band Stworz has announced that its 4th full-length album, entitled “Zagony Bogów“, will be out on December 22nd 2015 by Werewolf Promotion. It will be released in standard jewel-case CD edition at first and a tape version shall follow. “Zagony Bogów“, which can be translated loosely to “Fields of Gods“, will include 12 tracks, whose titles you can see below. The album is dedicated to vernal symbolism of Nature’s rebirth and the journey of human souls. It features Wojsław’s wife Stojsława on additional female vocals that are more expanded compared to the previous works. Stworz have just unveiled the album cover, including the wonderful painting “W Polu – On a field (1889)” by Apoloniusz Kędzierski. You can get a first taste of the upcoming album by listening to the track “Perun jest mnogi” in the video below. In the coming year, Stworz has already prepared a neofolk split album with the Polish experimental acoustic “folk metal” band Alne, but the exact release date is yet unknown.

1. Zagony Bogów (Fields of Gods)
2. Pług czasu (The Plough of time)
3. Maro, Maro
4. Przędza losu (The Yarn of Fate)
5. Perun jest mnogi (Perun is Multiplicitous)
6. Droga mleczna (The Milky Way)
7. Jaskółki (Swallows)
8. Czerwone jajeczko (Little Red Egg)
9. Nic ponad Bogów myśl i czyn (Nothing Beyond Gods’ Will and Deed)
10. Pieśń żerców (The Chant of [Heathen] Priests)
11. Pożegnanie Słońca (A Farewell to the Sun)
12. Szerokie pole (A Vast Field)

STWORZ - band

Uniewit – bass
Wojsław – guitars, vocals
Stojsława – vocals

Stworz @ Facebook
Stworz @ Bandcamp


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