ROMUVOS reveal upcoming album details

ROMUVOS - Infront of Destiny

Lithuanian folk metal band Romuvos will soon release its second full-length album “Infront of Destiny” and the time to unveil its first details has come. The album will be released by No Colours Records in December 2015 in digipak CD edition. It is an epic metal album that combines melodic clean vocals over steady flow of rhythmic pagan atmosphere, enchanted with lyrics about battles, heroic themes and tales from the Baltic folklore. Romuvos began as the personal project of Velnias, who released the debut album “Romuvan Dainas” in 2014 as a one man band. They are now officially a full band, with 4 members and they will preform at the next Kilkim Zaibu in Lithuania. At the moment it seems that it will be the first gig ever for Romuvos.                 

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