HORDAK reveal upcoming album details

HORDAK - Padre

The Spanish Celtiberian pagan metal warriors, known as Hordak, come back with their fourth full-length album “Padre” after four years of expectation! It will be released via the Russian independent label Casus Belli Musica on January 10th, 2016. This album is an obvious masterpiece in the best traditions of pagan metal. The new album develops ideas of “Under the Sign of the Wilderness” and “The Last European Wolves“, but does it on a new plane. Perhaps, for today, it is the most mature work of Hordak; powerful, furious, epic. The shattering onslaught of Spaniards is supported by the invited musicians: José Luis Frias (Trobar de Morte, ex-Folkearth) in flute, Laura Camón Botella in violin, Lavín Uruksoth (CrystalMoors, Gathering Darkness) in vocals and Wulfstan (Forefather) in vocals.                 

The 10 tracks of the album are richly painted with dabs of an acoustic guitar, a flute, a violin and a xylophone. Melodious guitar solos and articulated bass parts will touch your feelings. Music of “Padre” will be found attractive not only by fans of Viking pagan metal, but also by connoisseurs of heavy metal. The cover art of the album is created by Kris Verwimp. The album is released as a matte laminated 4-panel digipak CD with two booklets! The second additional booklet contains the translation of lyrics into Russian by Sergey AR Pavlov. The CD is decorated with pit art drawing. It is already available for pre-order in their label’s web-shop.

1. Ekleipsis – Devourer of Gods
2. Bloodline of the Wolves
3. Soaring
4. Sol Sister
5. Thrive
6. Sol
7. A Leader in Times of War
8. Father Sun – Father Dragon
9. Aequus Nox
10. Padre

Autumn – vocals, guitars
Winter – guitars
A. Mansilla – guitars
L. Mansilla – bass
J. Sierra – drums

Hordak official page
Hordak @ Facebook
Hordak @ Bandcamp


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