NORTHERN OAK released new EP


Progressive folk metal band Northern Oak from Sheffield, UK has just released today, on November 29th 2015, a new digital EP, entitled “Triptych“. This EP is made up of three songs which were written and recorded as Kickstarter rewards for three of the backers of the “Of Roots and Flesh” album; The band asked these backers what they wanted Northern Oak to write a song about, and then created the tracks based on their brief. “The Court of Owls” was written for Adam Page & Kate Tomlinson, whose brief was “a song about owls”; “Ellan Vannin” was written for Jim Waterman, whose brief was “a song about the history and mythology of the Isle of Man”; and “A Portrait” was written for Sarah Aggarwal who asked for a song which would represent a time of great personal hardship for her. The band did not take the responsibility of writing these songs lightly, and they hope you enjoy listening to them as much as they enjoyed responding to the challenge set by their backers. “Triptych” is available for free download in Northern Oak’s official Bandcamp page and it also includes the instrumental versions of all three songs. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Lee Redfern at Redfern Studios, Sheffield. The beautiful artwork is by Augustinas Naslenas.

1. The Court of Owls – 07:18
2. Ellan Vannin – 10:11
3. A Portrait – 06:51
4. The Court of Owls (Instrumental) – 07:18
5. Ellan Vannin (Instrumental) – 10:11
6. A Portrait (Instrumental) – 06:51

Northern Oak @ Facebook
Northern Oak @ Twitter
Northern Oak @ Bandcamp


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