BLACKTHORN unveil upcoming album details

BLACKTHORN - Witch Cult Ternion

Russian symphonic hextreme metal band Blackthorn from Moscow will soon release its long awaited new album “Witch Cult Ternion“. It is the third full-length opus from this all-female band and it will be released in digipak edtion CD on December 20th, 2015 via MSR Productions, shortly before the longest night of the year… “Witch Cult Ternion” is influnced by one of the earliest world cults, the cult of the moon, which is associated with the obscure and mysterious side of female essence. The storyline deals with ancient triple goddesses, but interprets them in its own way, enfleshing the vision as three evil witch-sisters, reigning over the world with their dark powers. It is mixed and mastered by UsoundWorks Studio and Magna Opera Studio. Blackthorn have just unveiled the amazing cover artwork, designed by Mayhem Project, as well as the album tracklist.

1. Witch Cult Ternion
2. Bleeding Milliads
3. Obey the Noxdimensions
4. Strix Nebulosa
5. Heathendust
6. The Spectral Evildence
7. Graven on a Deathless Sin
8. Moonbreed Sigil
9. Threnody in Flames
10. Witch Cult Ternion: Mater Mortis (Bonus Track)
11. Moonbreed Sigil: Incantamentum (Bonus Track)
12. Threnody in Flames: Finis Tantum Initium Est (Bonus Track)

Music Videos:
The Spectral Evildence [official version]
The Spectral Evildence [performance version]

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