ANCESTORS BLOOD unveil upcoming album details


Esoteric heathen metallers Ancestors Blood from Laitila, Finland have recently signed to the German label Naturmacht Productions and they will soon release their new album on January 9th, 2016. It is the third full-length work of the band, entitled “Hyperborea” and it will be out in a standard jewel-case CD together with a nice T-shirt. Coming from the mighty Suomi, Ancestors Blood plays highly melodic and atmospheric pagan black metal, which lets your soul wander through the endless winter woods of Finland and combines it with minor heavy metal elements and a rich usage of synths, standing on one level with the guitars. The band has also recently released a split CD with the Dutch black metal band Heervader via Heidens Hart Records. Ancestors Blood have unveiled the cover artwork for “Hyperborea”, as well as the titles of its 8 songs that last for a little over 52 minutes.

1. Descension
2. The way of the spirits
3. Autumn (Metsäpirtti part II)
4. Elegies
5. Hyperborea
6. Rite of Passage
7. Funeral Rite
8. Ascension

Ancestors Blood official page
Ancestors Blood @ Facebook
Ancestors Blood @ MySpace


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