NEOCORTEX unveil upcoming album details and video teaser

NEOCORTEX - Es Liegt die Welt in Scherben

German atmospheric black metallers Neocortex from Saarbrücken will finally release their debut full-length album, entitled “Es Liegt die Welt in Scherben“. The German label Dominance of Darkness Records will release it in the end of 2015 in a standard jewel-case CD edition limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Noecortex have been around since 2001 (!), but this is their first ever studio work. They play (atmospheric) black metal with psychedelic rock elements and their lyrics deal with philosophy, lost love, social criticism and death. “Es Liegt die Welt in Scherben” includes 12 songs with a total playing time of 76 minutes. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled, together with a video teaser that you can watch below and get a first taste of their music.

1. Der Dornenbusch           
2. Im Tal der Namenlosen
3. Namenlos
4. Legt die Ketten Nieder
5. Falsches Spiel
6. In Trümmern
7. Lost the Way
8. Abgebrannt
9. Der Lieblichkeit des Liebeswerks
10. Verbleib
11. Godless Garden
12. Leaving the Garden

John Never – guitars, vocals, screams
Stephan A. – bass, screams
Richie – drums
Anna Maren – violin, vocals

Neocortex @ Facebook


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