DAWN OF A DARK AGE reveal details of new album


Italian atmospheric black jazz metal band Dawn of a Dark Age, will release “Air“, the 4th part of the hexalogy “The Six Elements” on January 1st 2016, in accordance with the preannounced time-schedule. Formed in January 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli, the band has planned to release a 6-album saga about the Natural Elements. Each album is comprised of six songs and they will be out every six months, with the first part “Earth” released on July 1st 2014. For the upcoming album, Vittorio had the help of two session members, Lys from Enisum and Diego Tasciotti from Handful of Hate. Dawn of a Dark Age have just unveiled the cover artwork of “The Six Elements, vol.IV: Air“, the album tracklist and a 12-minute official video teaser that you can watch below. It is already available for pre-order in the band’s official page and in Nemeton Records Bandcamp page. It will be released in a very limited standard jewel-case CD edition, so be quick!

1. Desperate Echoes from the Wood
2. Argon Van Beethoven (1%)
3. Children of the Wind
4. Darkthrone in the Sky
5. Jukai
6. Outro N.4 (Adieu Mon Ami)

Vittorio ‘VK’ Sabelli – clarinet, saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, piano, keys, voice
Lys (Enisum) – voice
Dieso ‘Aeternus’ Tasciotti (Handful of Hate) – drums

Dawn of a Dark Age official page
Dawn of a Dark Age @ Facebook
Dawn of a Dark Age @ Bandcamp


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