MARTYRIUM unveil upcoming album cover, title and tracklist

MARTYRIUM - Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask

Atmospheric blackened industrial death metallers MartYriuM from Luqa, Malta reveal the first details of their new opus, which will be entitled “Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask”. The band has recently inked a deal with the Spanish label Art Gates Records and its fourth full-length album is expected for February or March of 2016. The sound in this album is a blend of carefully selected arrangements, which consist of heavy tight riffing, guttural growls, malefic screams, a variety of clean vocals together combined with dramatic orchestral scores, spiced up with punchy industrial elements. “Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask” was recorded at Spinesplitter Studio, produced by David Depasquale from Spinesplitter Studio (Malta) and Brett Caldas-Lima from Tower Studio (France) mixed and mastered by MartYriuM, David Depasquale from Spinesplitter Studio and Brett Caldas-Lima from Tower Studio.

The album artwork has been created by the talented Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc, who is well known for his digital works for Nile, Behemoth, Devilish Impressions, and other metal giants. In words of the band: “The idea was inspired by the secret voices inside the uncommon mind which reveal that the only way to freedom is through perpetual submission to abuse”. “Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask” is already available for pre-order in the band’s official page (see links below).

1. Through Masochistic Submission to Confinement
2. Oraculum Strigoi
3. The Sacrament
4. Night Penetrated Mare
5. Where No Shadows Cast the Fire Light
6. Inside the Confessional
7. A Seance for the Forgotten Realm
8. Nyctophilia
9. Angelus Mortem
10. Filth to Filth
11. Necropendulum
12. Demonica Saint
13. Masters of Gor


Vanja Obscure – vocals
Count Mortem – guitars
Sherath – guitars
Sandmist – bass
Úmarth – synths & programming

MartYriuM official page
MartYriuM @ Facebook
MartYriuM @ Twitter

MARTYRIUM - Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask - merch


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