E-AN-NA release new single and video

E-AN-NA - Tinca Popii

Folk metal band E-an-na from Sibiu Romania has finally managed to release its second single, “Tinca Popii“. This instrumental song is a rendition of a Romanian traditional folklore tune. E-an-na kept its original name and tried to adapt it to what they feel it represents. ”Tinca” is to be translated as a reference to young girls (often daughters, but not necessarily). The concept is that this feminine entity represents nature itself and all the beauty surrounding us, not giving up yet to the claws of mankind and its wretched way of stealing the beauty of the world. It’s a song about the joy of being alive and enjoying the miracle of life itself in all it’s forms. There is a guest musician in this song, Ionuţ Cristi Bugnar from the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra, who is in charge of the violin parts. The artwork for “Tinca Popii” is by Kogaion Art, edited by Isa Ienciu and Aventurile lui Sărăcel. The band has also released a video for the song that you can watch below, produced by Isa Ienciu. I avoid commenting on news, but this songs is brilliant!!! I hope the band gets the support it deserves and release a full album in the near future.

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