TODTGELICHTER unveil upcoming album details


German avant-garde progressive extreme metallers Todtgelichter from Hamburg have revealed the first details of their upcoming 5th studio album “Rooms“. It will be released on February 26th 2016 via Supreme Chaos Records on digipak CD edition. Vinyl edition will be available later in 2016. The cover and back-cover artwork and parts of the booklet have been magnificently executed by the renowned Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, best known to the metal world for his outstanding work with Norwegian avant-garde prog metal Vikings Enslaved. Since the first contact it was very clear that Truls has been the missing puzzle piece in terms of inspiration, interpretation and execution of the visualisation of the album. The cover speaks for itself and continues an old tradition: Simple but deep in meaning. Todtgelichter have also revealed the tracklist of “Rooms” that consists of 9 tracks with over 52 minutes of playing time. You can get a first taste of the album by watching the official teaser trailer video below.

1. Ghost
2. Schrein
3. Lost
4. Shinigami
5. Necromant
6. Zuflucht
7. 4JK
8. Origin
9. Pacific

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