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VALFREYA - Promised Land

Symphonic Viking metallers Valfreya from Montreal of Canada have recently started a fund raising campaign. They are looking to gather funds for the recording of their second full-length album “Promised Land“, which they plan to do on March 2016. They are pretty happy with what they were able to do with limited funds on their first album entitled “Path to Eternity“, but they want to raise the bar much higher for the next one. “Promised land” tells the story of a conqueror and his warriors who came from the North to leave a glorious legacy for his people and the memory that his name deserves. He will discover his promised land, but will also meet Odin’s divine wrath.    

You can support the band by clicking here and sharing their campaign. All funds raised there will go towards the production costs of the records, CDs, shirts, and shipping costs. Any additional funds raised will go towards bonus goodies like stickers, koozies, buttons, etc. Plus, if the band gets known better in the process, that also means they have better chances of playing in your area! A simple share supports Valfreya.

Valfreya official page
Valfreya @ Facebook
Valfreya @ Twitter


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