LANTHANEIN – Nocturnálgica (EP)

LANTHANEIN - Nocturnalgica

Origin: Argentina
Genre: Doom Metal Gothic Metal Symphonic Metal
Label: Dark East Productions Mercy Despise
Year: 2015

Argentinian Gothic melodic doom death metallers Lanthanein have recently released their debut 4-track EP “Nocturnálgica“. The band comes from the city of Córdoba and it was formed in the beginning of 2015 by the soprano Marilí Portorrico and ANXIIIU.X. This EP is the first work of the band ever and it was co-released via the Russian labels Dark East Productions and Mercy Despise (a Nihil Art sub-label) on August 20, 2015.     

Despite the short duration (a little over 21 minutes), the band manages to offer a wide range of soundscapes with this EP. Their music moves in a very dark melancholic atmospheric mood, combining elements from Gothic, Neoclassical, symphonic, operatic doom and death metal. Mid-tempo guitars, dark melodic cold synths, acoustic classical instruments, together with Gothic choirs and chants, create the perfect background for Marilí’s leading female vocals. She has a very sensitive emotional voice, with the perfect “color” for the genre, but while there are many enchanting vocal parts in the songs, I still believe there is room for improvement. This is a very demanding genre and you cannot “hide” even the slightest imperfection… A few guttural male vocals fit perfectly in their music, adding a different energy in their sound, especially in the second track “Nocturnálgica“, my favorite of the album. Several guest singers (sopranos, altos and tenors) add more passion and theatricality in Lanthanein’s sound, making the whole project even more interesting and “professional’. The four songs move mostly in slow to mid-tempos, but there are also a few faster parts. All lyrics are in their native language, influenced by Gothic and fantastic literature.

Lanthanein have released a very promising debut EP that keeps the listener delighted from the first to the last moment. Enchanting melodies, nice arrangements and orchestrations, beautiful vocals, interesting and variable compositions, all creating a very solid dark melancholic atmosphere. The four songs included in “Nocturnálgica” are a preview of the upcoming debut full-length album “Lágrimas” (“Tears”), which will be finished soon. The great “bet” for the band is to improve some details in its sound and at the same time to keep a high musical level with such interesting compositions for a complete album. Except for the digital format, ”Nocturnálgica” is released by Dark East Productions and Mercy Despise in standard jewel-case CD edition, limited to 500 copies with a 4-page booklet including the lyrics. Artwork concept, cover design and typography are by Lanthanein!


Rating:  (8/10)

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