MORNIË UTÚLIË released their new album


Polish atmospheric black metal band Mornië Utúlië, the personal project of Bartosz Brożek from Rzeszow, has recently released its second full-length album, entitled “Czarna Aura“. Mornië Utúlië (which means ”Darkness has Come” in Tolkien’s elvish Quenya language) was formed in 2013 and released 2 full-lengths, 0ne EP and 2 singles, all in 2015. The new album “Czarna Aura” was released on December 28th 2015 and is available for free in the band’s official Bandcamp page. It offers 42 minutes of atmospheric black metal, featuring great vocalist Julia Mróz on track “Zwątpienie“, who also gets the credits for the photo used in the cover artwork.

1. Wśród Grobów – 05:54                
2. Bez Wiary – 07:36
3. Niepokój – 05:45
4. W Lustrzanym Odbiciu – 06:15
5. Bliskość Upadku – 05:27
6. Zwątpienie – 09:16
7. Nadchodzi Noc – 01:30

Mornië Utúlië @ Facebook
Mornië Utúlië @ Bandcamp


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