NORTHSONG unveil first details of debut EP re-issue

NORTHSONG - Winter's Dominion- 5th Anniversary

American atmospheric symphonic folk “death” metal band Northsong, the solo project of Cortland Runyon from Streator, Illinois will re-issue its debut EP “Winter’s Dominion” on June 24th, 2016. It will be released under the title “Winter’s Dominion: 5th Anniversary” and it is a complete new and improved re-recording of the original. The tracklist will be the same, with 2 more bonus tracks, including an acoustic rendition of a song from Northsong’s previous full-length, “The Final Journey” plus a new song “Titan” that will be also on the next full-length album of the band. The cover artwork is just unveiled, designed by Cort himself. Like the original EP, ”Winter’s Dominion: 5th Anniversary” will be available for free download on Northsong’s official Bandcamp page.   

Northsong official page
Northsong @ Facebook
Northsong @ Twitter
Northsong @ Bandcamp



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