DARKESTRAH and AL-NAMROOD reveal split miniCD details


Two of the most unique sounding bands in black metal will join forces for a split mini album, scheduled for release on March 25, 2016 via the Canadian label Shaytan Productions. Al-Namrood from Saudi Arabia are inspired by Arabian history and Darkestrah from Kyrgyzstan by Turkic history. Black metal from either region remains obscure, but the two top bands from their respective regions deliver their very best on this miniCD. Darkestrah give a 10 minute plus opus recreating “Akyr Zaman“, while Al-Namrood return with a two-part track “Tajer Al Punqia“. The album will be released only in CD edition with 8-page booklet limited to 500 copies and is already available for pre-order in the label’s official Bandcamp page.          

1. Darkestrah – Akyr Zaman
2. Al-Namrood – Tajer Al Pundqia I
3. Al-Namrood – Tajer Al Pundqia II

Darkestrah official page
Darkestrah @ Facebook
Darkestrah @ VK
Al-Namrood official page
Al-Namrood @ Facebook
Al-Namrood @ Twitter
Al-Namrood @ Stereokiller


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