ULGARD unveil upcoming album details

ULGARD - From the Northmen's Cry

American atmospheric epic black metal / folk ambient band Ulgard, the personal project of Wiley Watson from New England, will release its second full-length album “From the Northmen’s Cry” on February 10th 2016 via the French label Endless Decrepitude Productions. Ulgard’s first full-length album “Songs for the Wanderer” in 2015, was a fantasy folk ambient work, in which they invited us to a mysterious and enchanting forest through a wonderful combination of folk instruments and vocals, to let us enter a perfectly crafted, ancient atmosphere. This time, with “From the Northmen’s Cry“, the band offers an epic black metal album, that makes us travel through a cataclysmic and frozen storm, through which we will be able to discover, from a high cliff in the northern mountains, the beautiful sight of the days of old. The album has been mixed and mastered by Thomas Hornstein (Sviatibor & Nervengeist), and its artwork has also been done by this same person. When Thomas heard the demos of Ulgard, which were supposed to be the album versions of the songs, he decided to entirely remix and remaster this album, “to make it sounds as good as it’s written“. ”From the Northmen’s Cry” is right now available for pre-orders now in their label’s official Bandcamp page in two different bundles:

- Simple bundle: CD in jewel-case with 8-page booklet
- Total support fan bundle: “From the Northmen’s Cry” CD + “Songs for the Wanderer” CD

1. Overture to the Past
2. From The Rocks
3. A Small Green Space Upon Earth
4. From the Northmen’s Cry
5. Zohungaar (2014)
6. The Gift of Rain
7. The Counseling of the Stray Singer
8. The Slumbering Path
9. Gates Of Ýdalir

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