THE WOLVES OF AVALON unveil upcoming album details

THE WOLVES OF AVALON - Across Corpses Grey

British pagan metallers The Wolves of Avalon have unveiled the details of their upcoming album “Across Corpses Grey“, scheduled for release in March 2016 both on CD and digital versions via Godreah Records. The album will include the 30-minute long prog-pagan metal song “Across Corpses Grey“, shifting between the past and the ethereal, featuring an array of musicians providing, flute, cello, violin and stunning lead guitar work from Litmus axe-man, Fiddler. Also there are many guest singers on the album, like Thurios (Drudkh), and Hildr Valkyrie, plus an intro by Daemonskald (SIG:AR:TYR). The music centers on the ironclad brutality of the War of the Roses, of sodden fields, blood red mires and fallen kings. Apart from the main song, Across Corpses Grey” will also include a special cover of Venom’s “Die Hard“, which will feature original Venom guitarist, Mantas on guitar, along with vocal appearances from Alan Averill (Primordial), Rob Miller (Amebix), Mirai (Sigh), Metatron (Meads of Asphodel), plus a cover of Nokturnal Mortum’s “Voice of Steel“.


The Wolves of Avalon are a band formed by ‘Meads of Asphodel’, main man ‘Metatron’, and J Marinos, to create a pagan inspired musical interpretation of Ancient British history. Continuing the great tradition of pagan inspired British bands, Sabbat and Forefather, as well as Irish cousins Mael Mordha, who all incorporate strong historical themes in their music, The Wolves of Avalon represent a time past, of tribal unity and cold brutal warfare. Featuring Metatron [Meads of Asphodel] and J.Marinos [master songsmith], with Steve Wallace [Drums], Kat Evens [violin].

1. Across Corpses Grey
2. The Voice of Steel (originally by Nokturnal Mortum)
3. Die Hard (originally by Venom)

The Wolves of Avalon @ Facebook


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