TIME OF TALES reveal debut album details

TIME OF TALES - Tales of Time

Polish folk metal band Time of Tales from Mielec will release its debut full-length album “Tales of Time” on March 8th, 2016. Formed back in 2009, they managed to release their first work in 2014, the 4-tack EP “Enter the Gates“. The music included in the upcoming album is a culmination of their work over the years; catchy melodies with strong metal riffs. The main folk instrument complementing their sound is tin whistle, while in some of their songs they also use hurdy gurdy. The album contains tales about life situations, which independently are not changing in time, stories about heroes and ordinary human beings struggling with different paths of their life. Some of the songs are humorous, while others have a more serious approach. ”Tales of Time” will be self-released by the band in digital stores, as well as in physical CD edition. Time of Tales have unveiled the cover artwork, painted by Bartłomiej Chrabąszcz (graphic design by Piotr “Peter” Występek), the album tracklist, as well as the official audio clip for the song “I Will Dance on Your Grave Tonight” that you can watch below and get a first taste of their music.

1. Don’t Forget
2. Hail
3. Raise Your Cup
4. Deep in the Woods
5. Plains of a Hero
6. Inner Light
7. Ostatnie Słowa
8. Feast
9. I Will Dance on Your Grave Tonight
10. Time Will Never Tell

Time of Tales @ Facebook
Time of Tales @ Bandcamp


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