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KAWIR - Pater Ilie Miter Selana

Legendary Hellenic pagan black metallers Kawir will soon release their 6th full-length album entitled “Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα – Father Sun Mother Moon“. The new album will be out via the German label Iron Bonehead Productions on April 29th 2016 on double LP and digipak CD editions. Their label has recently released an audio video for the track “Διόνυσος – Dionysus” that you can listen to below. In many ways, ”Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα” is a record that could’ve hailed from the early days of Kawir’s pagan transition. A mysticism from ancient times blankets these hymns to the Hellenic Pantheon, made all the more stirring by being delivered in actual Ancient Greek language. The incorporation of ethic instruments and atmospheres lends Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα” not only an authenticity that is extremely difficult to replicate, but a very literally otherworldly aura that brims with the triumph and tragedy, enlightenment and bloodlust, of Greece’s ancient mythological canon. In fact, the album was recorded nine kilometers away from the legendary Thermopylae. “We tried to catch the original epic vibe that surrounds the ancient lands“, says founding guitarist Therthonax. Indeed, with recording, mixing, and mastering taking place at Locomotive Studio during October through December of 2015 (with acoustic parts and vocals recorded at Dope of Sound), the totality of this experience is stirred into every note of the album, as the past is brought to the present – and all the more so with the return of vocalist Porphyrion, whose throaty rasp helped make “Ophiolatreia” such a beloved album among Kawir fans new and old. With the highly anticipated “Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα“, Kawir return to an all-Greek lineup and recast their classic sound in a whole new light.

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But the reflection vs. refraction connection doesn’t just end there. The cascading aggression brought forth on “Ophiolatreia” and then amplified even further on “Ισόθεος” is rejuvenated once more on “Πάτερ ‘Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα“. And yet, without losing an ounce of their windswept power, Kawir season this surge with subtle nuance and keen shifts of dynamics, verily making each of these 10 tracks an epic in their own respective right. Altogether, the album encompasses the passion and poignancy for which Kawir have made their stock in trade for over 20 years now. That it brings everything “full circle”, as it were, is far from coincidental, too. “The title Father Sun Mother Moon symbolizes the circle of life“, Therthonax explains, “a return to the ancient days when we were celebrating the male Sun deities at the longest nights of the year – the Winter Solstice – and female Moon deities at the longest days of the year – the Summer Solstice – at the full moons and at nights when the silver light wasn’t visible. The two opposite edges of the cosmic pendulum of equilibrium where the eternal forces, although in constant battle, coexist and where, in their ever-changing balance, the world is manifested – the same world where we find ourselves in. For the life-giving principles of light and darkness, for the male and female forces that surround us, all honors due!

01. Εις βασιλέα Ήλιον – To the Sovereign Sun
02. Διόνυσος – Dionysus
03. Ηρακλής Μαινόμενος – Hercules Enraged
04. Εις Διόσκουρους – To Diouscuri
05. Εις Μήτερ Σελάνα – To Mother Moon
06. Χαίρε Τρίμορφη Θεά – Hail to the Three Shaped Goddess
07. Η Ταύριαν Άρτεμις – The Taurian Artemis
08. Η Κάθοδος της Περσεφόνης – The Descent of Persephone

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