SVIATIBOR ready to release their new album

SVIATIBOR - Haven of the Celestial God

French atmospheric pagan ambient black metal band Sviatibor, the personal project of Thomas Hornstein, will release its 6th full-length album “Le Havre du Seigneur Céleste (Haven of the Celestial God)” through the Russian label SoundAge Productions on March 16th 2016. This album is the arrival of Sviatibor into a brand new era, where everything has changed, but nothing has changed. New logo, new sound, new writing style, but same spirit. All along the tracks, you will be taken into an oneiric journey through a deep, very ancient and spiritual atmosphere, created with an interesting mix of very modern atmospheric and ambient electronic sounds, along with traditional folk / orchestral instruments. After the epicness and the violence of “Dans la Splendeur des Dieux“, which proved and showed the determination and the power of the European spirit, “Le Havre du Seigneur Céleste” will transport you into a celestial world beyond ours, in which you will contemplate the majestic beauty of our heritage, our deities, and our ancestral soul. All music and lyrics written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Hornstein at Endless Decrepitude Studios, while the cover artwork is by Patrice Hornstein. You can watch the album teaser below to get a first taste.

1. Transcendance Ancestrale (Ancestral Transcendance)
2. Le Havre du Seigneur Céleste (Haven of the Celestial God)
3. À Sagio (To Sagio)
4. Funérailles (Funeral)
5. Au-Delà des Cieux Assombris (Above Blackened Skies)
6. Vers l’Ascendance (To the Ancestry)

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