BRYMIR reveal upcoming album details

BRYMIR - Slayer of Gods

The long-awaited second full-length album of the Finnish epic symphonic extreme metallers Brymir from Helsinki will be entitled “Slayer of Gods“. It will be released on May 25th, 2016 in Japan by Victor Records, and on June 3rd, 2016 in Finland, Germany and the UK by Ranka Kustannus and digitally worldwide. The band, that has completely self-produced this album, has just unveiled the wonderful cover artwork by Claudio Bergamin and the complete tracklist. Last month they also released the official video for the track “For Those Who Died” from the upcoming album. Brymir describes “Slayer of Gods” thus: “It is full of compact, hard-hitting and angry, yet also epic and overflowing material. You can easily hear how we used the frustration we felt at the arduous years-long process of making this album as an inspiration; it is definitely the darkest we’ve ever been. But at the same time the epic feel, orchestrations and melodic lines are at their biggest and catchiest as well“!

01. Intro  ( 1:50 )
02. For Those Who Died  ( 3:40 )
03. Risen  ( 3:54 )
04. The Black Hammer  ( 3:29 )
05. Nephilim  ( 2:38 )
06. Prelude  ( 1:19 )
07. Slayer of Gods  ( 8:39 )
08. Thus I Became Kronos  ( 5:42 )
09. Stormsoul  ( 4:35 )
10. The Rain  ( 3:09 )
11. Pantheon of Forsaken Gods  ( 3:35 )

Brymir official page
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