UR release debut full-length album

UR - Sunt Lacrimae Rerum

Spanish pagan black metal band UR has released today its debut full-length album “Sunt Lacrimae Rerum“, via the Spanish label Darkwoods. UR is the most personal project of the Basque musician Arghura (Nakkiga, Lúpulo, Arghura Zine). After three short-recordings, “Sunt Lacrimae Rerum” means an indisputable big step ahead in UR’s trajectory, a really compact album with 100% Arghura sound, composed by five long tracks of amazing pagan black metal sung, as always, in Euskera, full of such power, such rawness and such sensibility only available to very few, based on old legends of fight and honor in the times of the Roman Empire, both in Hispania and Britain, revealing that UR is undeniably in its best moment. For the artwork, Arghura counts on the amazing Sparganum, giving us an impressive collection of drawings full of symbolism, representing the different concepts behind the five tracks of the album. “Sunt Lacrimae Rerum” is available in Darkwoods’ web-store in a single and beautiful jewel-case edition CD limited to only 200 hand-numbered copies including an 8-pages booklet. You can listen below to “Amaren Azken Garrasia I“, the second track from the album…

01. Baal Hammon (Odolezko eguzkia)
02. Amaren azken garrasia I
03. Caradoc (Susko arimak)
04. Amaren azken garrasia II
05. Susko arimak



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