GOD – THE BARBARIAN HORDE unveil upcoming album artwork and lyrical concept


Pagan folk barbarian metallers GOD The Barbarian Horde from Iasi Romania have revealed the first details of their upcoming album “Sufletul Neamului”. They have unveiled the wonderful cover artwork painted by Catalin Draghici (Tiron Costin processed the image), as well as the album’s concept. The main subject of  “Sufletul Neamului” is the special bond between the man and the nature around him, representing the forest and the fauna. The martial spirituality of the Dacian warriors is revealed within their culture, making reference to the pray animals like the bear, the wolf or the vulture and showing their faith in absorbing theirs ferocity, sagacity and swiftness, identifying themselves with the even animal. This cultural symbiosis had deeply penetrated their mentality, so that all people named themselves Dacian, which means wolf. Another spiritual dimension of the people of the wolves is the special bond with the mountains and their endless forests. The Dacian people lived unseparated from their mountains, protected by the forests whose darkness scarred the legions of Rome. Here they were coming down on winter season, vestured in furs, holding the wolf head and snake body oriflamme, and shouting battle yells. Here’s where the old saw “Romanian’s thicket brother” depicts those powerful bonds that ever existed throughout the nation’s tumultuous history, the forest being the Dacian’s refugee and his home in front of those who attempted on his soul and freedom. More details of the upcoming album will be revealed soon.

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