MILETH released demo compilation album

MILETH - Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos

Galician pagan metallers Mileth from Vigo, Spain have just released “Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos” via the Spanish label Darkwoods. With this album, Mileth collect for the first time on CD all the recordings up to date: “Cancioneiro da Enxebre Escuridade” from 2012 and “Mitolóxica Errante” from 2014, both with remastered sound, with a new one, “Daqueles Vellos Ósos onde Morre a Vida“, recorded on 2015, five tracks in total of pure magic, emotions and melancholy, pure Galician “morriña”… Probably we are talking about the last diamond in the rough emerged from Galician lands, a band that blends in a really personal way pagan metal with the purest and most traditional Celtic folklore, and this makes them as a unique band in which big part of the metal press have their eyes on. And the fact of touring with Negura Bunget or Månegarm just proves it.

For the artwork, Mileth count on the usual designer of the band, Xoio Carmesí, who has given it the dark and nostalgic wonderful touch of all of his works. “Recolleita dos Demos que han de ser Esquecidos” comes in a single and beautiful edition on a deluxe A5 sized digifile that also includes a 6-pages fold-out booklet, and it’s limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies!! You can get a taste of their music in the official teaser-medley below and order the album here.

1. Petros, Axioma da Terra
2. …e na Novena Onda caeron os Deuses
3. Cantar de Cego pos Xordos
4. Cuarta Pregaria na Lúa Morta
5. Esperta, Letárxica e Erma Fraga!

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Mileth @ Bandcamp


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