STWORZ reveal first details of upcoming acoustic album

STWORZ - Na Trzy Strony Slonca

Pagan metal band Stworz from Poland has revealed the first details of its upcoming album entitled “Na Trzy Strony Słońca“. It will be an experimental mini album with acoustic traditional folk / neofolk music. It will also contain the band’s older acoustic folk EP “Słońcakres” from 2010, which was previously available exclusively on tape, sold out a long time ago. “Na Trzy Strony Słońca” will include 15 tracks totally with about an hour of music dedicated to summer solstice rites. It will be released by Werewolf Promotion on June 21st, 2016 in a limited to 1000 copies CD edition. Stworz have already unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist.

1. Śmierć Jaryły (The Death of Jaryło)         
2. Ze Słońcem (With Sun)
3. Mała Nocka (Little Night)
4. Przed świtem (Before dawn)
5. Po kwiat paproci (In search for fern flower)
6. Poranek / W świętym gaju (Morning / In a sacred grove)

- Słońcakres – Bonus Tracks:
7. Ojczyzna
8. Jaryłowy Miesiąc
9. Płanetnik
10. Gdy Słońce za Horyzontem Niknie…
11. Bezkresne Lechii Pola!
12. Jesień
13. Święto Kresu
14. Swaróg
15. Nie Zapomnij Imienia Mego

Stworz @ Facebook
Stworz @ Bandcamp


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