VIKE TARE unveil upcoming album details

VIKE TARE - Feed The Flames

Frisian pagan black metal band Vike Tare from Northern Germany will release its second and final full-length album “Feed the Flames“ on September 2nd, 2016 via Einheit Produktionen. Vike Tare was founded at the Frisian North Sea coast in 2003. One year later the band autonomously recorded their debut “The Tide of Revelation”, which was released in 2005. After numerous concerts in Northern Germany, the band was put on hold in 2008 due to time constraints. At this point, material for a second album had already been almost completed. In 2013, the band reunited to finalize and record the yet unreleased songs at NordVrost-Studios. The result was Vike Tare’s second and final album “Feed the Flames”.           

The title of the album, as well as the band’s name, are linked to the old pagan custom Biikebrennen, an annual celebration held on February 21 in North Frisia. In present day, its original purpose cannot be determined. The expulsion of evil spirits, protection of the seeds on the fields or fishermen’s and whalers’ pleas for safe passage on the sea might be possible interpretations. Maritime topics are an important element of the band’s lyrics. Thus, the new album “Feed the Flames” will include three topic-related interpretations of German ballads, written by Otto Ernst (“Die Späte Rückkehr – Die Geschichte von Nis Randers”), Detlev von Liliencron (“Trutz, Blanke Hans!”) and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“Der Fischer”). The band has already released the official lyric video for the track “Trutz, Blanke Hans!” that you can watch below and get a first taste of their new album.

1. Feed the Flames
2. Phobos Anomaly
3. Trutz, Blanke Hans!
4. Die Spaete Rueckkehr
5. Like a Silent Hill
6. Rebirth Denied
7. Der Fischer
8. Heimgang

Jesco – guitars
Carsten – bass, acoustic guitars
André – drums, keyboards
Stefan – vocals
Floris – guitars

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