SURTURS LOHE reveal upcoming album details

SURTURS LOHE - Seelenheim

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their existence, nature-loving German pagan metallers Surturs Lohe from Thuringia will release their fourth full-length album “Seelenheim” via the German label Einheit Produktionen. “Seelenheim“, which translates to “Home of Souls” will be available on September 2nd 2016 in a digipak CD edition as well as in a limited box-set, including patch, poster and an additional CD with 2 bonus tracks and the remastered “Udra” demo. Surturs Lohe was founded in 1996 by Ragnfalt and Tristan. In the course of the years the band members have changed and from the original founders only Ragnfalt is still active in the band. Surturs Lohe has released up to date the demo “Urda” in 1999, three full-length albums, Wo einst Elfen Tanzten” in 2000, “Vor Walvaters Thron” in 2002, “Nornenwerk” in 2011, as well as one split EP with Odal in 2004. Several band members of Surturs Lohe are also active in other pagan metal bands, such as Menhir, Odroerir and Fimbulvet. The band has already revealed the upcoming album tracklist and the cover artwork, made by Heidenherz.


1. Der Kaiser im Berg
2. Lohe Surt
3. Seelenheim
4. Unter der Linden
5. Gotengrab
6. Sumar Kehre Heim
7. Schwertleite
8. Schildwacht

Ragnfalt – guitars, acoustic guitars
Nidhöggr – drums
Reki – male voice, flute
Heidenherz – guitars, acoustic guitars, male voice
Ralph – bass, acoustic guitar
Alraun – female voice, flute

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