BERSERKER unveil upcoming debut details

BERSERKER - Dark Worlds Collide

Lithuanian melodic folk metallers Berserker will finally release their debut full-length album “Dark Worlds Collide” on CD via Sliptrick Records on June 30th 2016! Berserker is a female fronted folk metal band from Vilnius, founded on the 7th of March, 2009. The name of the band is connected to the Viking era; Berserk (berserker) is known from historic tales as a fearless Scandinavian warrior. The band’s songs also reflect inner and outer battles: inner fights are personal emotions, mixed feelings, outer fights are social injustice, industrialization, destruction of the wild nature. Berserker have played various gigs in Lithuanian and foreign clubs, festivals, charitable events, including Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland. In 2014 they participated in a project “Muzyczne Rodowody” and the result was a compilation CD with local music, which included Berserker’s “W Jedności Nasza Siła”. Their debut album “Dark Worlds Collide” was recorded, mastered and mixed in 2015 by Rimtautas Piskarskas from “Muzikos Laboratorija”, a Vilnius based recording studio. It features 7 songs and 2 interludes and it was available since now only in digital format. The CD version comes with a new artwork, already unveiled…

1. Intro
2. Dark Worlds Collide
3. Warhell
4. Madness Machine
5. The Day Human Died
6. Wolf
7. Prelude
8. Viking Ship
9. Mūšis už Žemę

Agnieška Volček – vocals
Kristina Semionova – keyboards
Kšištof Jusel – guitars, growls
Mažvydas Vrubliauskas – guitars
Georgijus Kirilovas – drums
Roman Semionov – bass

Berserker official page
Berserker @ Facebook
Berserker @ Twitter


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