TIMOR ET TREMOR reveal upcoming album details

TIMOR ET TREMOR - For Cold Shades

German Chattic black metallers Timor et Tremor will release their second full-length album “For Cold Shades” on July 29th 2016 via Trollzorn Records! After releasing their debut full-length “Upon Bleak Grey Fields” in 2012, the band, which was founded 11 years ago, focused on an atmospheric and intense way to perform live on stage and played several shows including the “Dark Troll Festival”, before they got on new material. To evolve in terms of sound, famous producer Markus Stock (The Vision Bleak, Secrets of the Moon, Ahab…) took care of the recording process of “For Cold Shades”, pushing everything more forward. Dark and mesmerizing melodies carry the listener away into the tragic world of Timor et Tremor. There is no space for brutality by hook or by crook, rather the listener is abducted by the natural sound that Stock has created. The point is to be authentic. Shortly after the recordings of “For Cold Shades”, Florian Bauer (also in Burden of Grief) joined the four piece on bass. From now on the full spectrum of Timor et Tremor can be enjoyed live.

1. Yearning ( 3:03 )
2. Fen Fire ( 5:56 )
3. Alpha And Omega ( 5:23 )
4. Oath of Life ( 6:31 )
5. The Ghost in All That Dies ( 5:12 )
6. The Soaring Grudge ( 5:01 )
7. Ethereal Dome ( 5:49 )
8. Pale Faces ( 7:15 )

Timor et Tremor official page
Timor et Tremor @ Facebook


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