IMPERTHEAN – The Sounds Above

IMPERTHEAN – The Sounds Above

Origin: USA
Genre: Black Metal Electronic Experimental
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

Experimentation in metal seems to have no limits and this is something that keeps this music alive for so many decades! Imperthean is a one man’s band from USA. It was formed in 2007 and so far they released this very interesting CD “The Sounds Above”.

It isn’t easy at all to describe their music, since it’s a weird mixture of many different genres. It has many electronic elements under a black metal filter. The album’s atmosphere and lyrics deals with outer space and Imperthean’s “The Sounds Above” manages to sound like a dark futuristic space soundtrack. There is an alien melancholic mood all over the album, like an outer civilization landing on a destroyed, deserted, ruined earth in the near future. They are definitely original, and their vision of electronic music mixed with black metal elements is very different from any other efforts in the past. Industrial gothic, synthetic cyber samples, black guitars, dark soundtrack music, distorted “robotic” vocals and screams, compose this unique sound. The production of the album is more than ok, but I believe it can be improved in the future, with much more impressive results!

Imperthean deserve the attention of those who like bizarre experiments in music, or horror space soundtracks. They (he) are already composing the second album! Since it is self released you can visit their myspace profile to listen to them and find details on how to buy the CD.


Rating:  (9/10)

Imperthean @ Myspace
Imperthean @ Facebook

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